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    Helpful FAQ

    This page contains a number of questions, which our customers ask: 

    ▪        What is a minimal amount of fabric, which one can buy?

    Dear customer, there is no minimal or maximal amount, which we can sell. You can buy from some centimeters to a limitless amount of fabric. You should not feel uncomfortable when you buy a small amount or even a little of fabric for a pillow or other things, if you need less than one or two meters.

    ▪        What is the fabric width?

    All fabrics for upholstery from our collection has standard dimensions of 1 m 40 cm, the price is therefore fixed for linear meter. However, you can find some tapestry of 1 m 60 cm long.

    ▪         How much does the fabric cost?

    Evidently the price depends on fabric model and on different criteria. Our range includes fabrics from 25 lei for linear meter up to 80-100-120-200 lei and so on.

    ▪         How many meters do I need to replace the old upholstery or to make new upholstered furniture?

    Dear customer, the sets of furniture are individual. It is necessary up to 5 meters of fabric for a simple bed. Each bed, sofa, armchair and other upholstered furniture is examined by the craftsman, who performs the work, and later he communicates the amount, which should be ordered if you need to renew the furniture, to make a new set of furniture or slipcover.